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    Can’t stop laughing at this #childsplay #chucky #andy #toystory #woody #funny #lol

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    Spoopy Halloween Sex Tip: grab his dick and yell “‘Tis firm! ‘Tis firm as stone!”


  4. The Shining (1980)

    It’s almost Halloween, which means horror movies erryday

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    Little Villains by Vivianne DuBois

    Queen of Hearts // Ursula
    Cruella De Vil // Evil Queen
    Gothel // Drizella & Anastasia

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    Recoiling from fans like they’re covered in anthrax. 

    It’s a Niall day.

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    If giving no fucks were an Olympic sport, Niall would score perfectly in the Stank Face short program as well as Judging You Silently and Severely freestyle.